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  9th October - Autumn Produce Stall at the Village Hall in the afternoon                                                                                                                                                                26th November - Christmas Bingo in the evening

 Details will be available nearer the dates and will be on the Shipton Events Diary 


 ALL OF THE PLANNED EVENTS FOR 2020 HAD TO BE CANCELLED -                                                                                                                                   Although we did manage to hold a PRODUCE STALL in and outside the Village Hall on 10th October 2020, under strict Covid secure measures.  We were delighted that it was a great success raising over £600 in donations and sales of a wide selection of produce and plants donated by members and friends.  We are having another Produce Stall this October and look forward to seeing you there!

Our calendar of events for 2021 are shown above and we hope will be able to take place as normal.

There was no AGM held in 2020 as approved in a dispensation from our members.  We are planning to hold an  AGM in December 2021 and the date will be displayed on this page shortly.

Please check back on this site for future updates.  


Shipton Gorge Ltd came into existence in 2006 with the aims of preserving the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around the parish of Shipton Gorge and to protect and conserve the environment in and around the parish of Shipton Gorge for every ones benefit.

In other words it was set up to manage and protect assets within the parish of Shipton Gorge so that they remain under the common ownership of residents and are managed for the benefit of the residents and according to their wishes.

In 2007 it became a registered charity (No 1121571) and subsequently its name was changed to Shipton Gorge Heritage to better reflect its purpose. 

There are now over 60 members of the charity and its current trustees are:

Anne Crowe (Acting Chairman)

Mary Boughton (Secretary/Treasurer)

Liz Langran

Christine Huxtable 

In 2006 there was a move to purchase land below the church and to reinstate it as an orchard, which historically it had once been.  Its purchase was achieved through fund raising, donations and loans and now we are fortunate to have an Orchard which is getting more mature and productive. Old varieties of apple trees including cider apple trees have been planted, and villagers can now savour the different apples and medlars as they ripen.  The public footpath from Brook Street to St Martin's Church is through the Orchard and it is well used by many walkers who also get the opportunity to admire our village orchard.

The Orchard when newly plantedAs well as the Orchard, Shipton Gorge Heritage also hold a 999 year lease for the Saunders Richardson Wood. The Wood was bequeathed to the Woodland Trust some 30 years ago by Nicky Saunders who lived at Lower Lynch with the stipulation that it be kept as a wildlife haven, with a covenant limiting access. In 2010 the Woodland Trust changed its focus and decided to lease small woods such as the Saunders Richardson Wood to suitable local organisations and after much protracted negotiation Shipton Gorge Heritage signed the lease in December 2012. Access to the Wood is limited to members of Shipton Gorge Heritage for specific purposes.  Our management of this previously very neglected 2.72 acre (1.1 hectacre) wood has already made progress with a 5 year Management Plan being adopted, resulting in some on-going necessary tree felling and coppicing having taken place. In 2016 bird, bat and dormice boxes were put up in the wood, having been sponsored by residents whose names are engraved on their boxes, and an owl box which can be seen from the lane as you walk past.  The on-going management and stewardship of the wood is an exciting project which will keep us busy for many years to come.  We are very pleased that Lucy and Chanelle Dunstan-Beasley have taken on the day to day stewardship of the wood for us.  There is a lot to be done following the winter storms, so expect to see working parties working in the wood as you walk by in the Autumn of 2021. 

Environmental Champions Award won by Shipton Gorge Heritage in 2014We would be delighted if you join this Shipton Gorge Heritage/The Orchard in 2014 showing how the trees have developedvillage organisation and you will be pleased to know there is no membership fee, but donations are most welcome. By joining you will be able to get involved in any way that you may wish in our two different projects be it by actively assisting in the Wood or Orchard by, for example, taking part in maintenance. and work days on both areas of land. We need to raise around £2,500 each year to run the charity and so we also welcome suggestions and assistance for fund raising activities. Above all membership alone will give support to our village charity, although regular donations are always helpful especially by those who are unable to take part in the more physical activities.

Further details of our charity and its projects and details of our trustee meetings, which are open to the public, please contact Mary Boughton, Secretary on 07785-948386 or email