The Village Green

Village GreenThis very small piece of land in Brook Street, directly in front of Brook Cottage, is referred to as the “green” but, as some locals have suggested, in size it is more of a “village verge”.

The iconic red telephone kiosk has always been located here but over the last 40 years there have been several attempts by British Telecom to either replace it with a modern kiosk or to remove it completely, all of which have been strongly resisted by the Parish Council. In 2018 it was again proposed to remove it as West Dorset District Council, who had previously supported its retention because of the lack of mobile coverage in the area, withdrew their support and so British Telecom were going to decommission it.  However the Parish Council contacted BT and the result is that we now own the kiosk.  There were various suggestions as to its future use and it was agreed that it would become a Book Exchange and Information Centre for the village.  One of our residents, Diane James, ably assisted by her friend Michael, offered to undertake the change and over the summer the kiosk was transformed.  It has been re-painted, shelves put in and a file with information on the village.  It was opened in its new guise in August 2018 and is now full of books that residents and visitors can borrow and either return when they've read them, or replace with another book, and we are pleased that already it is being used by locals and visitors alike.  We are all grateful to both Diane and Michael for all their hard work and are delighted that our iconic traditional red kiosk will remain a feature of the green for the future.  

Village GreenOld photographs of the village show cattle drinking from the water source on the green, sometimes called the pump or the drain. All that remains of this nowadays is a low stone pyramid structure and cover which is locked to avoid children or animals inadvertently becoming stuck in its entrance.

The only other feature on the green is a commemorative tree, sadly without a plaque, which was planted by the Women’s Institute.  The actual ownership of the land had been the subject of dispute over the years, and it is thought that it was in fact land that is referred to as “manorial waste”, being not sold with adjoining property when the Ilchester Estate sold the village into private ownership. The whole area of land in front of Brook Cottage was later sold to Mr and Mrs Mitchell by the Ilchester Estate. In 2016 Mrs Mitchell generously donated the part now known as the Village Green to the Parish Council who now own it on behalf of the village and maintain it as a village asset.