The Lilian Stone Trust

This trust was established in 1936 and became a parochial charity, no. 27609, in 1978. Its charitable objective is that “the income be applied to or for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Shipton Gorge.” It is classified as being for the prevention or relief of poverty and the income, usually the interest received from the original capital sum, is available as grants to individuals including children and young people, the elderly and the general public within the parish.

The definition of “poor” and “poverty” has changed since its inception and the Charity Commission now have more modern guidelines as to who can benefit from it. In the period from 2006 to 2010 grants were given for a range of items such as higher education, schooling, transport, school trips and equipment for the elderly.

There have been no grants given over the past few years as the income has been minimal due to extremely low interest rates, and so any assistance or help from the fund will be small.

The trustees are the rector and churchwardens and any applications for grants from the fund should be made to them, although it should be noted that at the present time due to there being no churchwardens of St Martin’s Church, combined with some legal difficulties, there may be some delay before further grants can be given.