Village Appraisals

In 1979, 1989 and 1999 the Parish Council undertook appraisals of the village which were a survey of the parish as it was at those dates and also encompassed the views of its inhabitants as to its future.

These documents were produced as a useful guide to the Parish Council itself as well as to the District and County Council Planning Authorities, and also in order to stimulate and inform discussion within the village.

In 2009 a survey was compiled which was significantly more comprehensive than previous surveys and the resulting Shipton Gorge Parish Appraisal 2009 was published in April 2010.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view them which is available free by clicking here.

1979 - A complete copy of the 1979 Shipton Gorge Village Appraisal It has been retyped from the original, and whilst it has been checked, please refer to a copy of the original if you need to be certain of the original published version.

1989 - A complete copy of the 1989 Shipton Gorge Village Appraisal

1999 - A complete copy of the 1999 Shipton Gorge Village Appraisal 

2005 - In 2005, as part of the preliminary work for the production of a Parish Plan, a survey of the village was carried out and the results analysed. This information is available for use in preparing the 2009 Shipton Gorge Village Appraisal.

2009 - A complete copy of the Shipton Gorge Parish Appraisal 2009 

Anyone who would like to know more about the village and its inhabitants can contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Plan initiative by government encouraged villages to produce a plan that would be a vision of how residents would like their village to be. It was to be a stepping stone for communities to apply for grants, such as those for transport and community services. Shipton Gorge Parish Council felt this should be carried out for the village and a Parish Plan Steering Committee was set up in 2008 under the chairmanship of Simon Cleveland. A grant of £2,372 was received from Dorset County Council to assist with the funding of the process. This produced the 2009 Village Appraisal to provide a background for the plan but due to lack of time and of active engagement and enthusiasm of the village community, a final Parish Plan was never completed.