The Official Good Eggs

Shipton Gorge OGE (Official Good Eggs)

Shipton Gorge Good Eggs is a community initiative developed by Chris G-H and Eddy Buck over a pint at The New Inn on a winter’s evening following the award of the British Empire Medal to Sally Parker. They felt there should be a way of recognising our village's unsung heroes. Sally soon joined Chris and Eddy as a co-conspirator.

The first investiture was in November 2017 and there are now sixteen Official Good Eggs. Each Good Egg receives a lapel badge, a citation and the respect and admiration of their peers.

New Good Eggs are chosen by existing Good Eggs and span our whole community. They are often individuals working in the background who prefer to keep a low profile and who do not seek the limelight.

The investiture of a Good Egg can happen anytime and is always a surprise. Chris, Eddy and Sally work under cover with family and friends to make this happen.

OGEs James Webster and Linda Buck invest newest OGE Janet Lane. 

Paul the Postie's certificate!